Sarah Shearer
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Associations of South
My collections of magnolia tree seedpods, sweet gum seedpods, ball moss, cicada exoskeletons, shells, leaves, and other newly discovered vegetation began immediately upon my arrival in Baton Rouge. The small details within these forms captivated my attention, as did the sheer amount of these small alien vessels. This compulsion for collecting led to my interest in personal interpretations of these organic collections.

As a result of my gathering, organizing, observing, and developing translations of these collections I have a unique relationship with the objects. The collections are largely composed of pods that fell out of trees and lay on the ground to return to the earth, I am interested in their beauty and the fact that through their disintegration they create life. I elevate these ordinary objects and through my work they are transformed and given a new life, energy, and atmosphere in which to reside. These prints depict my never ending fascination and wonder in the cyclical phenomenon of the natural world.