Sarah Shearer
SurfacingAscendCircularityDispersedMelting ThroughParallell circuitsVeiled ReleaseDuskNascent DuskTemporalThroughUndulatingCrystalizeEmergentDissipateBecomingRipeWilting
Organic Growth Pulp Paintings
Upon learning how to make handmade paper from organic materials I created this body of work which was inspired by components of the natural world: seeds, pods, pollen, and the microscopic structures within plants. The resulting imagery became very formal as I focused on the intricate details of pattern and variation contained on the surface but also within the structures I was studying.

The beauty of these forms from their creation through their decay is what initially attracted me to them. Thinking about how the structures could be abstracted and flattened to exist as formal studies on the paper I worked from a fusion of observation and imagination, and studied images from books dealing with microbiology as well as from found structures such as magnolia seed pods, gumdrop balls, ball moss. I hand formed all sheets of paper in this body of work.